Tuesday, March 1, 2011

..say "hello" to my little friend..

...every now and then my hands become weary of the pen and paper, and pester me to pull out the fabric and needle....not one to deny my hands of such activities, i do so...but only if we have decided upon a worthy project...and after close inspection of my workspace, i came across an alarming discovery... i am lacking in the monster department...not a single one hiding under my desk, sneaking through the files or making a home of my bookshelf....well that just isn't acceptable..how i've gone so long with out a monster..i'll never know..
...after donning my "mad scientist" cap and setting my hands to work with some pattern paper...i have created Yurik...he likes to arrange and rearrange the books on the shelf and is rarely heard...working in silence like that of a librarian...Yurik is a delight with his wealth of knowledge and keen sense of stylizing with accessories..

morosely yours,
Cat Addams

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