Monday, January 25, 2010

back again... i haven't checked in in awhile...but i have been doodling, sketching and creating like a mad woman...
...recently i have fallen in love with maps. maps of all sorts, old, new, town, state, country and world maps....i've always had fun with maps, i am one hell of a navigator.... :)

...below is just a quick doodle of a pirate treasure map that i did for fun over the weekend... i really want to start working on a very detailed map of either France or Tahiti...stay will happen....

somewhat gloomily yours,
Cat Addams

Friday, January 1, 2010


I did finally get around to finishing that cartoon yesterday, but not without a struggle.
Today is going to be devoted to redrawing some of my best gag ideas, that didn't turn out so well on paper. And there are several of those, but I have chosen one in particular to start off with. 
I also plan on hitting the streets with my camera to find some reference photos. You can never have too many.
Trying to start this new year off right, keep myself busy and motivated.
Also my website is almost ready to launch. After hours and hours of grueling work from The Editor, who I believe is at his wits end. Even for a computer geek, he is ready to pull his hair out over those insane codes.