Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Relatively Insane....Pt. II

It has been a few days since I have finished my Poe portrait, and all of the anxiety, and suppressed curiosity still reside in my brain. However the pumpkin cookies have disappeared.
The curiosity isn't terribly bad, but it did kill the cat, so my fears are rational.
I keep thinking that my art will release the madness that has struck me since we came to the studio,but instead, it adds to it.
What shall I do with these demons? Probably just throw a party and eat cake until we fall over.

Morosely yours,
Cat Addams

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Relatively Insane

I have been spending the last few weeks in the confines of our studio. Suppressed curiosity and an appetite for pumpkin cookies have me at my wits end.
I am starting to feel like a character out of a Poe story.
Upon that realization, I started scribbling his image on paper like a lunatic.
Now it is turning into an actual project of mine.
I downloaded a few images of the Gothic writer off of the inter-webs.  His face is quite interesting, from his crooked nose to his abnormally large forehead. A caricature artist's dream. However I am not a caricature artist and I found it to be quite difficult, yet I forge on with this illustration that will more than likely be appreciated by only myself and handful of bedlam residents.

Morosely yours,
Cat Addams