Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Relatively Insane

I have been spending the last few weeks in the confines of our studio. Suppressed curiosity and an appetite for pumpkin cookies have me at my wits end.
I am starting to feel like a character out of a Poe story.
Upon that realization, I started scribbling his image on paper like a lunatic.
Now it is turning into an actual project of mine.
I downloaded a few images of the Gothic writer off of the inter-webs.  His face is quite interesting, from his crooked nose to his abnormally large forehead. A caricature artist's dream. However I am not a caricature artist and I found it to be quite difficult, yet I forge on with this illustration that will more than likely be appreciated by only myself and handful of bedlam residents.

Morosely yours,
Cat Addams

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