Friday, February 11, 2011 projects

...the past few months have been riddled with freak bears from another realm that put on a circus in the middle of a dense forest.... and now that i have shipped off the twenty-some illustrations to the publisher, i can relax and focus on a few of my own projects..all of which have one thing in common- MAGIC.
...i am a fanatic of anything involving magic, illusions and escapes....being an amateur magician, i thought it was only proper for me to start a small book of comical magic poems...with a portion of the writing finished, i have found myself struggling to finish the rest...unsure if it is the fear of not knowing what to do when it is finished, or if my brain has actually shut down..i decided to start doodling and creating magic show posters to get my brain back on the right path...

morosely yours,
Cat Addams


  1. This is such a great drawing. Love, love, love your macabre style. Can't wait for this book and the one you just finished. Keep me posted on both.