Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Abracadabra and a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

Ever since my youth I have had an interest in magic...rarely spoken, but indeed there. Feelings have been a bit repressed lately, until reading a post by Mr. Gris Grimly in which he explains that his Cabaret Macabre is to be held at the Magic Castle in Hollywood on the 31st of October.
"Magic Castle" I thought....How I have wanted to go in to that establishment for so long, sitting high upon the hilltop above the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Knowing that you may only enter the Magic Castle if you are invited by a member or have purchased tickets to a soiree, I had to devise a plan to get in with out breaking my bank account or stalking Neil Patrick Harris.

I have set 2 plans into motion...1- Learn as many magic tricks as possible and audition in front of the board of directors..2-The Magic Castle inducts honorary members such as authors and historians (and I have been working on a delightfully dreadful tale of 10 Dead Magicians), so if my poor attempt at an audition fails...I have something to fall back on.. But I do believe that my comedy magic act of "The Worst Magician" may do the trick (no pun intended).
So I am off to levitate playing cards and stick pencils into dollar bills.

Somewhat gloomily yours....
Cat Addams

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