Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Suite Life...

Sitting here in our little Victorian suite and enjoying the sounds of seagulls from the port below.
Life is good here in Port Townsend, WA.
Life is good at the Palace Hotel. A hotel with a very rich and colorful past.
Built in 1889 by a sea-faring captain, it quickly turned from a saloon and billiard parlor to a delightful little brothel. The brothel served the community for over 8 years until a grumpy sheriff stormed in and raided the place. The madame and her girls had to leave town. But the building was soon restored to a clean an orderly Victorian hotel. A 3 story hotel with suites and single rooms. Each room is named after one of the most noted girls from the brothel.
We are staying in "Simone's Room". A nice suite on the 3rd and top most floor, with a small full service kitchen and bathroom. (We do not have to share a bathroom like the peasants on the 2nd floor)
I personally can not wait until the wee morning hours.....I am hoping to see the rocking chair in the corner to be moving back in forth....I am hoping Simone comes by to visit....wouldn't that be a hoot. There is no "proof" that the hotel is haunted....but I can dream.

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